class crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.Field(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: crispy_forms.layout.Field

Layout object, contain one field name and you can add attributes to it easily. For setting class attributes, you need to use css_class, because class is a reserved Python keyword.


Field('field_name', style="color: #333;", css_class="whatever",
class crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.FakeField(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.Field

Fake field is intended to be used with some app that does not honor field ID on the input element alike django-recaptcha that build a textarea with a dummy ID attribute. This leads to HTML validation error.

Fake field works as basic Field object except a fake_field variable is passed to the template context.

Actually the only difference with a Field is label element drops for attribute.

You should use this field in last resort.

class crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.Hidden(name, value, **kwargs)

Bases: crispy_forms.layout.Hidden

Hidden field. Work as basic Field except the hidden value for type attribute.

class crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.MultiField(label, *fields, **kwargs)

Bases: crispy_forms.layout.MultiField

MultiField container. Render to a MultiField

class crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.SplitDateTimeField(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.Field

Just an inherit from crispy_forms.layout.Field to have a common Field for displaying field with the django.forms.extra.SplitDateTimeWidget widget.

Simply use a specific template

class crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.InlineField(field, label_column='large-3', input_column='large-9', label_class='', *args, **kwargs)

Bases: crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.Field

Layout object for rendering an inline field with Foundation




InlineField('field_name', label_column='large-8',
            input_column='large-4', label_class='')

label_column, input_column, label_class, are optional argument.

class crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.InlineJustifiedField(field, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.InlineField

Same as InlineField but default is to be right aligned with a vertical padding

class crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.SwitchField(field, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.Field

A specific field to use Foundation form switches

You must only use this with a checkbox field and this is a raw usage of this Foundation element, you should see InlineSwitchField instead.


SwitchField('field_name', style="color: #333;", css_class="whatever",
class crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.InlineSwitchField(field, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: crispy_forms_foundation.layout.fields.InlineField

Like SwitchField it use Foundation form switches with checkbox field but within an InlineField

Contrary to SwitchField this play nice with the label to be able to display it (as Foundation form switches default behavior is to hide the label text)




InlineSwitchField('field_name', label_column='large-8',
                  input_column='large-4', label_class='',

label_column, input_column, label_class, switch_class are optional argument.